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Medical Humanities

Online Medical Humanities resource page at Nurse Groups. com

Department of Humanities at Penn State College of Medicine
The first Humanities Department in a medical school in the US, and
pioneers in the field.

BMJ Medical Humanities editor Dr Deborah Kirklin's MH blog.
(London, UK)

BMJ Medical Humanities online
An international peer review journal for health professionals and researchers in medical humanities.
(London, UK)

Daniel Goldberg's MH blog. Baylor College of Medicine
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Medical Humanities Blogspot, Imperial College
(London, UK) A conversation about the intersection between medicine and the arts. 

Literature, Arts and Medicine Database. An annotated multimedia listing of prose, poetry, film, video and art that was developed to be a dynamic, accessible, comprehensive resource for teaching and research in medical humanities.
based in
New York University School of Medicine
(New York, USA)

AMH- The Association for Medical Humanities
(Glasgow, UK)

Medical Humanities MA course at the University of Swansea
(Swansea, Wales, UK)

Dr James Willis' website
"Most of all we need to keep technology in its proper place, as the servant of the individual person, not the master. To make use of its enormous potential to enhance life. Whilst protecting ourselves from its enormous potential to diminish and imprison us."


The website of UK comics journalist, lecturer, writer and broadcaster Paul Gravett. Has loads of useful information, links, reviews and articles as well as events listings including the yearly Comica (London, UK)

Resonance 104.4 FM (UK) talk and interviews about comics. Internet radio archive

website of Dr Mel Gibson, UK based comics scholar and consultant. She runs training and promotional events about comics and graphic novels for libraries, schools and other organizations.

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's experiments in fiction and the comics form.
(St Alban's, UK)

News, articles, reviews, blogs, video, forums, resources, links.

An international bibliography of comic books, comic strips, animation, caricature, cartoons, bandes dessinees, and related topics.

The University of Florida academic forum which serves the interests of those involved in research, criticism and teaching related to comics art. All aspects of comics and cartooning from around the world are open for discussion.

Forbidden Planet International blog log. An extensive collection of reviews, news, links, resources, events etc. Invaluable.

The website of comics artist and comics teacher, painter and illustrator Jim Medway, creator of Teen Witch.

a collaboratively edited and authored blog dedicated to the analysis of specific comics page layouts and panels. It seeks to function as an online laboratory where different critical approaches to comics are publicly and collectively put to test.

Medicine and Comics

The darkly funny website of world-weary GP and Cartoonist Thom Ferrier.

just when you think you've hit on an original idea... After I'd put my site together, I found, via an annotation link, this one: a great comics, medicine, politics and TV blog by a family doctor from Virginia. Check out Scott's site.

Polite Dissent

GP registrar and comics enthusiast Rajat Srivastava's site is full of useful stuff for GP registrars: book reviews, links to calculators and Rajat's blog

Neil Phillips is a psychiatrist and cartoonist. He publishes illustrated, cartoon books on mental health.

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