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Kind people have been sending me links to comics published on the web. There are probably many others I do not know about. If you know of other web comics dealing with medical narrative, please let me know about them.
I've now had to split this page in two. Make sure you visit the second page!

Lost and Found by John Cei Douglas

John Cei Douglas is a comic artist and illustrator living in London who has suffered from mental health problems for many years and is very interested in using comics to articulate his experience and share it with others. He feels it is important to get it out there to try and help people understand as well as creating work that other people who have struggled with similar issues can empathise with and perhaps take some comfort in. He hopes it will help. View the strip HERE

Darryl Cunningham Investigates.

Our intrepid cartoonist and ex mental health worker uncovers the facts behind the scandalous meeja frenzy surrounding Andrew Wakefield's spurious claims of autism and crohn's disease caused by the MMR jab.

Insensed by bad science reporting, and agressive libel actions, Darryl now takes on the multi-million pound industry that is homeopathy, arguing that diluting an active ingredient until it isn't there just doesn't make sense.

Fear of Failure by Thom Ferrier

OK, this is me, writing under my nom de plume. I thought I'd keep it secret at first, but what the hell. I don't want to big up my work on this site that is supposed to retain some sort of critical distance, but it is, I guess, relevant and I need to link to it somewhere from graphicmedicine, after all!

MK Czerwiec a.k.a Comic Nurse


Was MK Czerwiec the first healthcare professional to start drawing comics about her experiences as a carer? There may have been others but MK is the earliest I have found, starting her comics in 2000. She also writes and lectures about comics and narrative medicine and has a blog

You can see MK's cartoons here with more on the cartoon archive

How to Have a Baby by Dr Aniruddha Malpani and Dr Anjali Malpani. Art by Syanne Djaenal

The Drs Malpani run the fifth biggest infertility clinic in india. They are firm believers in the empowering of patients through "information therapy" and one look at their website will confirm that they practice what they preach. It is a veritable mine of free, patient centred information. Dr Anirudda Malpani also runs the the world's largest free patient education library, HELP (, as well as a blog which commentates on the human side of medicine. This 237 page (!) flash animated comic book delves deep into reproductive medicine. A free resource aimed at couples experiencing infertility problems which would be equally valuable as an undergraduate textbook or reference guide for the non specialist. Excellent.

Baby Chase by Dr Aniruddha Malpani and Dr Anjali Malpani art by Syanne Djaenal


Is the nom de plume of a UK female medical student who posts artwork and comics on the deviantART website. She has made several comic strips about life in medical school. They are well worth a look

Team Medical Dragon by Nogizaka Taro and Nagai Akira

Fat Monologue by Ampersand at Alas! a blog

this large image (on a pdf file) is a one page comic where the panels spiral across the background image. Its about what being fat makes you feel like and think. I don't need to explain it any more, go and look at it, it's good!


Prozacville is a cartoon about existential discomfort starring a cast of walking-talking Prozac pills.
Dark acidic and unorthodox, it raises awkward questions about culture, mental health and society.

Saijou no Meii by Takashi Hashiguchi,

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